Rescues 4 Rescues pups spend a day getting pampered!

Rescues 4 Rescues Dogs get pampered Private Session Pet Grooming.

1 afternoon + 1 awesome groomer = 8 happy & beautiful dogs!

From left to right….. Dolly, Bobo, Ginger, Atlas, Boogie, Joe, Rocky and Sam…

Rescues 4 Rescues Dollybobo getting a bath ginger 2 Atlas joe 1 joe rocky getting a bath sam

We all know dogs don’t like to get their baths, but there comes a point when we just can’t stand the doggy BO so in they go to the tube! 

Dolly, Bobo, Ginger, Atlas, Joe, Boogie, Rocky and Sam got pampered by Private Sessions Pet Grooming on February 28th. They all got the full treatment – washing, drying, nails, kisses; another words….the works!

Dolly and Ginger had fun of course, girls do love to be pampered. Rocky, well not so much, but after his bath, he was so happy.  Isn’t that the way it always is…. they go in reluctantly and come out running around the house, barking, wagging their tail and smiling!  

Thanks again Stephanie for showing the love on R4R pups….they deserve it. And, they will be looking their best at our March 26th adoption event at Unleashed in Cary from 12-3pm.  Come out and visit with us.  

Here are some reasons why you should groom your pet:  Dog Grooming 


And,  great tips on how to best groom your best buddy.


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