Don't leave your dog in a parked carWe have heard the call to arms before: “Don’t leave your pet in your parked car!” And, every major animal care website has warnings, articles and posters available: PETA, The Humane Society and even Petfinder. Realizing the fact that your pets are just as susceptible as human children to heat, cold and other dangers should make everyone think twice about leaving your best friend in a parked car. But, it still isn’t the case.

There are no definitive statistics showing how many dogs die from heat stroke every year; however, it does not take long at all for your pet to start to get hot. Did you know when leaving your car under a shade tree in 70-degree weather, it only takes ten (10) minutes to get up to a dangerously high temperature, resulting in heat exhaustion or heat stroke!

Would you risk the health of your companion just to run into the grocery “for just a minute”?  Dogs, for example, can suffer a collapse, seizures, coma, organ failure and death from heat stroke. Check out more at

Don't lock dogs up in carsWhat about leaving your dog in the car during cold weather?  Cold temperatures are just as dangerous. When it gets down to freezing (32F), some smaller dogs should not be outside long. The same goes for in a parked car. If you are cold, your pet is cold.

The risk to your pet is the same for you if in the cold for too long: hypothermia and frostbite. Make sure your pet stays warm and dry. Keep them away from glass windows. Provide blankets and other winter accessories when driving for your pet. Keep extra treats in the car too-you’ll both want to keep eating so you can burn the calories to stay warm!

Best practice is to just not keep your pet in your parked car, no matter the weather.

Did you know that if you see a pet in a locked car, with the windows up or only slightly rolled down, you can break that window in order to get the animal out of this dangerous situation. Call your local animal control and call 919 to let them know the situation.  Be careful.  No one can guarantee that animal won’t bit you though.

Transparent R4R logowpsmallWritten by Rescues 4 Rescues – Rescues 4 Rescues is a 501-C3 non-profit formed in 2012, but we have been rescuing animals for much longer. We work to get all animals in our program adopted. Some will go on to help people with special physical needs.  Our mission is to save, assist, educate & advocate on behalf of animals & people with disabilities.





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