Belk Charity Sale - Support Rescues4Rescues

Update:  The Spring Belk Charity Sale will take place on Saturday, April 29th at all Belk stores.  R4R volunteers will be selling tickets before the event.  Please contact us if you would like to support TRT by purchasing a ticket(s).


Belk Charity Sale – Support Rescues4Rescues.  We want to thank all of you who came out and supported Rescues4Rescues fundraising efforts this past fall and winter of 2016! Rescues4Rescues was busy selling tickets to the Belk Charity sale that occurs every November and May each year.  It is a private sale between the hours of 6am and 10am (they often extend the sale to 12noon or later).  If you haven’t ever attended the sale, you are missing out.   This is how it works.  You purchase a ticket from Rescues4Rescues for $5.00.  We get to keep the entire amount.  Volunteers can be found at a number of Belk stores up to one month before selling tickets.  When you attend the event and are checking out, you give your ticket to the cashier to receive $5.00 off your total purchase.  It is a win, win for you the consumer and us the non-profit.

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Attend the Belk Charity Sale to support Rescues4Rescues.

Belk Charity Sale - Support Rescues4Rescues


What is Charity Sale? Charity Sale is a private, four-hour sale dedicated to supporting local non-profit organizations. Participating charities will have the opportunity to raise money for their organization while private sale customers receive 20% – 70% off Belk purchases storewide, including special savings on rarely-discounted brands. Charity sale ticket can be redeemed for $5 off your first purchase during charity sale hours and pre-sale. Limited exclusions apply.

When and where will this event be held? Charity Sale will be held on each November and May from 6 – 10 a.m. in every Belk store.

How do organizations raise funds? Participating charities sell $5 tickets to this event. One ticket may be redeemed per customer. Organizations keep 100% of the proceeds from every ticket sold. By purchasing a ticket, customers can support a worthy cause and enjoy storewide discounts during the private sale. Charities are encouraged to promote the benefits of customer pre-selling in advance of the event as well.

Can customers still shop the private sale if unable to attend on the day of the sale? Yes. Customers are welcome to reserve their desired merchandise for the event beginning one week before the sale date. Simply present your Charity Sale ticket to a Belk associate and ask them for details on reserving merchandise.

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